Protools recording program

We have actually had successful graduates who have not had any equipment at all, and yet they have had no trouble understanding our program and following the lessons.

This is how user-friendly and down-to-earth the lessons are presented to you.

But if you do have a home recording set-up, no matter how simple, even your tone-deaf grandma will be able to immediately notice vast improvements in your recordings.

If you are seriously thinking of becoming one of our students, PLEASE DO NOT run out and buy any equipment right now. Here’s the reason:

There is so much stuff out there that you will probably select equipment that may not be quite right for you. What you need depends upon your style of music. We can advise you exactly what would be best for your own personal music needs.

Yamaha digital audio workstation

Just to give one example as to what we mean by this, it may come as a surprise to many, but in most producers’ opinions, Pro Tools is NOT the best program to use for recording rap or hip-hop music.

What is? Join our school and you’ll find out! (More in the course!)