Yes, you certainly can. There are many more jobs for a sound engineer than you probably imagined. We have listed some of the audio-related careers below.

Once you have completed your course AIA is prepared to help you find a job anywhere in the world. We have contacts and AIA graduates in over 130 different countries who may be willing and able to locate positions in this exciting business.

You may have to settle for an entry-level position to begin with but the skills you have learned from your course will soon push you up the ladder to higher levels.

Being a sound/recording engineer is one of the most exciting and prestigious jobs there is.

You will learn the amount of money each job can put in your pocket.

Comparative minimum average salaries:
Recording studio engineer $40,000 per year
Assistant/second engineer $25,000
Radio production engineer $38,000
TV/video production engineer $42,500
Corporate/government/educational $40,800
Film re-recording engineer $55,000
Equipment dealer/distributor/rental $45,000

Number of years working in pro-audio:
1-5 years — 10%
5-9 years — 17%
10-14 years — 28%
15-24 years — 25%
25 + years — 19%

The final lesson in your course is devoted entirely to the subject of finding a job. Whether you plan to open your own studio or seek employment in an established facility, this valuable lesson will assist you in reaching your goal.

Your course will prepare you for the real world of engineering. Once you have this knowledge, the recording world is yours for the taking. And we mean the world – see the map below:

Turn an exciting hobby into a rewarding career. Endless hours of fun can lead to a serious career in recording. The program can help you expand your home set-up into a professional recording studio and increase your prospects for success.

It will prepare you for the real world of audio engineering and place you one step ahead of your competitors.

We even teach you how to write a killer resume and prepare your “Show-Reel” to give to prospective employers. We know exactly what that employer is looking for when it comes time for that all-important interview.


Recording engineer (Fixed or mobile studio)
Disc mastering engineer (vinyl/CD/DVD)
Sound reinforcement engineer (live performances)
Stage sound mixer
In-house sound mixer
Acoustical engineer
Maintenance engineer
Recording studio designer and consultant
Recording studio manager
Session producer (independent/contracted)
TV audio engineer
Video production audio engineer
Corporate, government and educational production audio engineer
Film re-recording audio engineer (in-house/independent)
Audio equipment dealer/salesperson
Audio equipment rental house dealer/employee
Audio research engineer

Music arranger, Orchestrator, Music publisher, Conductor, Concert artist, Symphony orchestra member, Studio musician, Choir singer, Music teacher, Musical instrument salesperson, Instrument repair technician, Theatrical agent, Manager, Pop singer, Band member, Songwriter, Disc jockey, Recording artist, Movie/radio/TV music director, Record producer, Church organist, Music librarian, Music therapist, Piano tuner, Copyist, Music critic, Accompanist, Composer, Music publisher, Music store manager, Record company executive, Record distributor, Promotions manager, Artist and repertoire man or woman, Instrument rental dealer, Live show promoter, Publicity manager, CD plant employee, Record pressing plant technician/executive, Stage lighting technician, Road equipment manager, Personal manager, Audio magazine employee, BMI or ASCAP employee, Album cover artist . . . the list goes on

And we are very proud of all the successful graduates we have had from 130 different countries around the world. They will be your passport to success.