We’ve made our testing real easy and fun. You simply go online and take them whenever you’re ready.

You can take as long as you need – there are no time limits, and there certainly is no charge. Never has been and never will be!

As soon as you have taken a test (there are 5 altogether) you will be able to see your results and the total number of points you have scored.

If your instructor feels that you need a little more personal attention on any particular subject, he will send such explanations to you on a one-to-one basis.

After you have completed your final test, your gold-seal Audio Institute of America Diploma will be personally dated and signed by Peter Miller himself and promptly mailed to your home address.

And after you have graduated, you will be encouraged to keep in touch with AIA throughout your music career, whether it becomes a hobby or on a professional level. Click here to check out our webpage for a basic mid-priced home-studio set-up with which you could create pro-quality recordings. (There are 28 more pages on this subject in your course).