You’ve been in and out of studios for many years. You have been writing and producing some really great recordings but you don’t seem to be finding any real success.

Now you realize that you may need some help to succeed. That’s a start. We can help.

You will learn from successful producers how and where to submit your recorded work for consideration by the people that really count. This is not just another out-of-date internet or phonebook listing.

If you try to do this alone – beware. There are hungry sharks out there. So-called song-agents who charge exorbitant fees for pitching your work to major labels. We know that major labels do not sign acts this way. Anyway, the days of the majors are long gone.

Just ask these charlatans to prove their claims. Neither they nor the labels will be able provide you with a list of their top-ten successes or successful signings. It’s all hype. Totally unfounded hogwash.

These back-alley hustlers will bleed you month-by-month by telling you how close you are to getting your songs accepted when in truth they’re sitting on a Malibu beach, roasting their fat bums and doing nothing.

And steer clear of those songwriter competitions and workshops. Most of the other “songwriters” are only there to steal your best lines.

Pete Miller at the Audio Institute of America will show you exactly where you may be going wrong when trying to pitch or promote your music. He will point out new directions and advise you how to avoid the pitfalls.

The entertainment business is a strange beast indeed. It is highly competitive and back-stabbingly cruel.

And unfortunately it’s no longer about talent.

In fact talent can actually be your downfall! If you don’t use it correctly.

You can’t get there on your own. I’ll say it again – – you won’t make it alone.

Not even the Beatles or Bob Dylan or Elvis could make it on their own. They needed help, and even if they hadn’t, they’d have found only limited success a lot later than if they had accepted help in the beginning from the right persons.

AIA will get you there faster than if you try to do it on your own. Click here to check out our webpage for a basic mid-priced home-studio set-up with which you could create pro-quality recordings. (There are 28 more pages on this subject in your course).