The bass and treble controls on your home stereo are the simplest form of equalizer, but in the studio there are many more variations than this. They are probably the most important tool in the whole studio.

You can alter the sound of each and every instrument by applying some equalization to it. This is how all the instruments are set to meld with one another and create that perfect sounding mix. A painting with many colors, none of which stand out or overshadow any other.

Graphic equalizer

Think of it as a curry which has too much chili pepper. Adding a little yogurt makes it more palatable.

You will get acquainted with the various types of equalizers, learning what each can and cannot do to any particular sound. Your ears will receive a crash-course in critical listening. You will learn exactly which frequencies are important for every type of voice and musical instrument.

Parametric equalizer

Did you know that most people in the world only hear music whereas sound engineers and musicians listen to music. Think about it! (Two complete lessons on equalization inside your course).