Presonus software

Music software programs let you record, edit, arrange, mix and master audio tracks for songwriting, studio production, live performance, film and television sound tracks and other professional audio production tasks.

Most of them do the exact same thing but in slightly different ways. Some use different terminology for identical operations but once you get over this boundary, they’re fairly easy to navigate.

Some have more bells and whistles than others in what they can and cannot do, and some come along with bigger bundles of plug-ins. (Plug-ins are smaller programs that lie within the main program and give you more sonic options – for example, a reverberation plug-in.)

Different programs tend to work better with certain styles of music. For example, guitar players like Logic and Adobe Audition whereas keyboard players tend to prefer Digital Performer.

Protools software

A lot of rap and hip-hop programs are junk but these producers lean towards Sony Acid Pro because it is more tuned towards making beats and samples. It’s quite easy to use and you can learn it in a couple of hours.

To make more complex beats with more options, Fruity Loops may be your best bet. It’s great for making drum loops.

Yamaha Digital Audio Workstation

Now, if you are going to use your program inside the computer and link it up to a Digital Audio Workstation, it is important to double-check that the DAW you choose is compatible with the music software that you use.

And also make sure that the versions of each are also compatible – an olderversion of one DAW may not work with a newer updated version of a particular program.

At this time, Digidesign’s Pro Tools is a dominant force in audio production. If you intend to look for a job as an engineer in established studios, then you should definitely learn how to use Pro Tools. It has become the industry standard almost everywhere around the world.

Ableton software

Cubase has become a very popular starter-application because of its simplicity and also the fact that it is relatively inexpensive.

Don’t think that just because some of these programs are free that they aren’t any good. Even most of the free apps (for example Garage Band) allow you to do many things that their more expensive counterparts can do.

Cakewalk Workstation

Whether you use Pro Tools, Performer Nuendo, Cubase, Logic, Sonar or any other program, you will make the same decisions as your music progresses.

They’re just different roads to the same end. Some routes are a little harder to navigate that’s all. What matters most is that your choices should become comfortable to use.

You shouldn’t have to fight the program while you’re working. You must be able to focus on the music. (Much more in the course). Click here to check out our webpage for a basic mid-priced home-studio set-up with which you could create pro-quality recordings. (There are 28 more pages on this subject in your course).