This is more likely to be a problem when you are recording live instruments rather than using drum loops of prerecorded drums and bass.

If you are recording live drums, a weak sound may be due to using the wrong microphones. It could also be that you have not positioned each mic correctly in relation to each of the drums.

The same problems can apply to the mic on the electric bass’s speaker cabinet. Wrong mic + wrong position = bad sound.

The quick fix? It’s all about EQ. (Equalization) Adding or subtracting different amounts at different frequencies.

Frequencies are measured in Hertz (Hz) The human ear can hear frequencies as low as 16Hz to the high of 16,000Hz

Each drum has a particular frequency area in the low range which, if boosted, makes that drum sound bigger and fatter. For example in the case of a bass drum that magic frequency is around 80 Hz.

If you boost that frequency just a little bit with your equalizer, you’ll hear a marked difference in the sound. It’ll sound much bigger and fatter.

Most bass guitar tracks are recorded with the bass plugged directly into the recording system. The sound from the instrument’s pick-up doesn’t go through an amp and speaker as it does on stage. Fatness is obtained by careful use of the equalizer in the recording program.
An amp modeling plug-in is also a good way to fatten your sound.

Line6 amp modeler

Amp modeling can mimic very closely the sound of real amps and speakers. But once again, modeling sometimes produces a lightweight sound so equalization has to be applied.

But you could improve that sound by sending the modeled signal into an amp and speaker and put a mic on the speaker.

Mic it from a distance of 3-4 feet so that you also pick up some of the reflected sound from the walls. It all adds up to a fatter sound.

You could use this sound alone, or you could even mix it in with the original modeled signal.

So you see – there are many was to fatten the beast! Once again, experimentation is the name of the game. (There are 28 pages in your course devoted to drums and bass recording).